Starting Young When You Learn To Jump


There are no rules to say you have to learn to jump if you ride a horse. You could be a dressage rider which has no jumping at all for example. But for lots of riders, once they are confident on a horse, jumping is the next stage. Learning to jump when you’re young and have no rational sense of self-preservation is often a way to create a skill for life and for life-long enjoyment.

Kids horse jumps are of course (pun intended) part of the needed equipment. Making sure these are appropriate for both the size of the horse and the size of the rider is an essential first step. Often children will start with a cross-bar, an elongated x shape. The advantage of this type of jump is two-fold first of all the shape focuses both horse and rider on the jump. Secondly, x does really mark the spot as it is the lowest point and therefore, exactly where to jump.

Kids horse jumps

In addition to the jumps being size and level of difficulty appropriate it is also important that children – and adult riders for that matter – wear the correct equipment. Jumping is a combination of horse and rider and when the two are not in sync accidents do happen. You are lucky if the worst that happens is an embarrassing spill into a water jump, but wearing the correct equipment will stop a tumble from becoming a crisis.

The first thing is a correctly fitting hat. Hats don’t fit forever especially as children grow if you had to change shoe size recently take a look at that size too. Talking of shoes, your boots need to fit correctly too.

The last piece of advice – don’t rush, take the time to get a secure seat. It will be worth it in the long run.