Piano Fame Within Reach Of City Kids


Donate piano nyc

Perhaps it is fair and true to say that there are more kids in the city with notions of fame and fortune. Close to the big city lights, they are perhaps influenced by what they see, and many of them latch on to one or two favorite idols mainly as an inspiration to try a little harder to reach out for the stars. But for many of them, not being able to keep their feet on the ground while dreaming big has brought some disappointments. And then there are, how to put this bluntly, the forgotten kids. No one even knows that they exist.

Even if they were remotely aware, they would not care. They have their own worries and preoccupations to see to. Really, readers, it does not take much to help a street kid with musical ambitions. Donate piano nyc keys, one key at a time if you like, and you become part of a growing collective, stretching from one borough to the next, helping kids to come just that much closer to their dreams of making it through a day with food in their stomachs and a roof over their heads. They are still stuck with the child-like dream.

Every kid on the planet dreams of making a living from something that he or she is madly passionate about. And music just happens to be one of those popular dreams. The kids on the streets have eyes and ears, and they see how their idols have made it big. They never stop believing that someday, one day, they will make it too. The thing is, you, the readers have to help make it happen. And really, folks, it does not take that much of your time or purse to make the first donation.