10 Most Common Stripper/Strip Club Myths


We’ve all heard myths before. The strip club industry is just as filtered with myths as any other, so there is a good chance you’ve heard many untruths surrounding the strip club over the course of your lifetime. Most myths are spread by well-meaning people who simply didn’t know the information was untrue. Are you ready to learn more about the most common strippers/strip club myths? You’ve come to the right place. Read below to learn 10 stripper/strip club myths and the truth behind the matter, then make your way to a strip club near San Francisco to have a good time.

1.    Strippers are Dumb: Many strippers take the stage to help pay their way through college, so the misconception that strippers are dumb can really cost you.

2.    Strip Clubs are Trouble: Strip clubs experience fights and other mishaps on occasion. It is bound to happen any time you combine strangers and alcohol and beautiful women. But, most strip clubs have not such issues for you to worry over. You won’t get into a fight at the club nor will you get shot as you leave.

3.    Strippers Sleep With Everyone: Strippers are on stage to entertain the crowd but that’s it. There will always be sleazy clubs and ladies but in general, this is not what you should expect.

4.    Strippers Have Daddy Issues: Most of the ladies who strip are beautiful, confident ladies who simply need to earn money and choose to do so in a way they know will pay the bill. Never judge anyone that you don’t personally know.

5.    Visiting a Strip Club is Cheating: Follow the hands-off policy and you’re not cheating on your partner if you visit a strip club.

6.    All Strip Clubs are the Same: Every strip club is unique in the ladies that it has, the ambiance that it presents, etc. Check out a few clubs to device which is best suited for your needs.

7.    Dress However You Want: Don’t wear sweatpants to the strip club. In fact, make sure to dress to impress. Do not believe anyone who tells you that appearance is unimportant when visiting a strip club.

8.    Strippers are Dirty: There are always a few bad apples in every bunch. As long as you select a worthwhile, respectable club, however, such issues won’t be a concern for you. It is essential to do your homework before showing up at a strip club!

strip club near San Franciscodress to impress

9.    Strip Clubs are Degrading to Women: Many people love their bodies and love to show off. They’re sexual by nature and love what they do. Women are never degraded at a strip club and always have protection to keep them safe.

10.  Strip Clubs are Expensive: Any night out on the town is going to cost some money. Strip clubs do require cash, since tips are expected and you’ll want drinks and food. However, the cost to visit a strip club is entirely up to you and can be a very affordable night if you make it that way.